Maureen C. Berry is a western Kentucky nature and food photographer, seafood cookbook author, podcaster, and speaker.

Whether she's sitting still in a treestand for hours watching and waiting to photograph the wildlife near her home, or hiking through the woods in western Kentucky plotting her next story, Maureen seeks to capture the unspoiled beauty of nature. 

When she's not outdoors, she cooks, styles, and photographs mouthwatering seafood in her home kitchen.

Her recipes are inspired by the seasons and sourced from local Kentucky farmers and US-based fishermen. She realizes not everyone can eat this way and that her lifestyle is one of priviledge. Her mission is to create awareness through simple, easy-to-prepare meals using fresh, sustainable foods.

Maureen's current photography project is a coffee table book titled, This Western Kentucky Life In Three Word Photographs.

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Headshot by Gina Munger.